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About Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering division has been able to successfully develop many products accepted as golden standard within their areas. The key to this success is above all the constant focus on knowledge combined with 25+ years of clinical experience. Our understanding of what solutions that will work in actual clinical environment is a necessity for the development of market leading healthcare products.

Clinical Solutions

Over time we have been involved in numerous clinical applications, ranging over a wide area of clinical specialties. This clinical experience is an absolutely invaluable asset in the development of new medical products. Besides giving us precious knowledge, we have also been capable of establishing a lot of useful clinical connections making it possible for us to verify ideas, get marketing input and giving us the possibility to validate and test new products.

Biological Signals

Handling biological signals in a proper way is not a trivial task. It involves thorough understanding about the signals origin, features and clinical significance to be able to restore, analyze and present them in an optimal way. We have successfully done that over a wide range of different types of biological signals and clinical environments.


Software is our business. There are very few of our projects that do not involve software development in some form. Producing reliable medical software for the world market is a Judex foundation. But it is not enough, our service can be extended both to clinical validation, user interface design as well as regional customization.


We take great pleasure in working with hardware, from the development of new medical devices to writing device drivers for existing hardware. We can fulfil the demands for real time and reliable operation that so many medical devices requires.