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We could boast with being Microsoft Solution Providers, that we have a profound knowledge of a whole number of software languages like Assembly, C, C++, C#, VB, Java, JS, PLM etc. Or the fact that we are working with the newest technologies. But having been in this business for more than 30 years we know that these are not the important issues.

What matters is the craftsmanship - the combination of the ability to model a problem correctly, the know-how to select the proper technology, the experience to realize it in the best possible way and above all the ambition to only develop software that one can be proud of!
Now this is something that we do boast about!

Component Library

An important reason behind our success in turning projects into successful software products is our extensive library containing firmly tested software components. These components range from data collection, interfacing devices, through user interface components to network and hospital connectivity functionality. The component library allows us to quickly assemble the right components into the desired functionality, cutting down on development time and cost.

User Interface Design

It takes a lot of knowledge to develop successful user interfaces for the medical environment. It is a stressful environment where non-technical staff relies on the equipment to perform its task flawlessly, often in a life and death situation. The software should aid the user in every possible way, having a simple and clear interface with high level of visibility and forgiveness (user mistakes should be protected against or recovered from in a simple way). A clear indication of workflow and current position is a must, simple ways to restore the interface to a well-known and functional state is another demand. This is a knowledge that we have acquired through our long experience developing clinical user interfaces.

International Software

We have been delivering software to many different countries around the world and know how important it is to develop localized, world-ready, Unicode based software directly from the start of an implementation. We work closely with translators early in the development cycle allowing for minimal testing and release time of the localized software versions.


Our different projects have included developing software for a multitude of platforms, from firmware for dedicated medical devices, Pads and Smart Phones, to standard PC both client as well as server applications.