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About Judex

Judex is a company that develops a wide range of software and hardware products for the healthcare sector. We are located in the thriving university city of Aalborg, Denmark but our area of action spans the entire globe with business and research partners in many different countries.
Judex was started by a group of researchers in 1981. The university legacy is strong within the company and great emphasis is put on state of the art technology like advanced signal analysis, decision support system theory and data base design. We have now more than 25 years of experience in developing biomedical and medical informatics solutions for the world market.
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Judex expertise has always been focused on understanding both the clinical as well as the technical aspects, and combining this know-how into new and innovative products for the benefit of the patient and the hospital staff.

Operationally Judex is divided into two divisions, the Biomedical Engineering division that has expert knowledge of clinical solutions, biological signals, software and hardware development and the Medical Informatics division that excels in telemedicine, decision support systems, healthcare records and clinical databases. Product development will typically span over the expertise of both divisions, e.g. a blood sugar measuring device that wirelessly reports measurement values directly into electronic healthcare records.


We can offer different forms of product development from outsourcing to joint ventures. Each product is handled as a unique development project with all of Judex s expertise and special resources readily available. A project can embrace the whole process from idea to end product or can consist of only a part of that process e.g. development of hardware device drivers, user interface or Hospital Information System integration.

Our long standing focus on clinical product development has given us an extensive and unique experience in joint projects with both commercial, clinical and university partners.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many of the leading researchers, clinicians and businesses within the healthcare business area.