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Judex main focus is product development for the global healthcare market. We know how to handle the whole production process from idea to final product and we can offer swift and flexible solutions within different business models.

Business Models

Developing products is fun but does not amount to much if it's not good business. To accommodate for different business needs we are practicing three ways of doing business.

  • In-house 
    We frequently receive product ideas from our extensive contact network within the healthcare community. Physicians and researchers come to us with specific needs or problems. We suggest a solution, define a product, examine the market and find a business partner interested in marketing and distributing this product.
  • Outsourcing & Consulting
    Companies lacking some specific skills or simply short of own resources turn to us for help. They may be looking for some marketing feedback, a new clinically validated user interface or perhaps they want to connect their existing medical equipment to a Hospital Information System or connect it to a computer or PDA. All these cases would fall nicely within our Outsourcing & Consulting model where we define the task together, assign the proper resources and expertise, and present the optimal solution.
  • Joint Venture 
    Full joint venture cooperation is applicable in bigger projects that can evolve into multiple product lines over an extended period of time. In a joint venture we will both co-finance as well as continuously develop the product(s) together with a business partner responsible for marketing and distribution. We have very successful joint venture projects running now for more than 20 years!

What You Get

Time to market is critical. So is the quality and price. To deliver affordable high quality state of the art healthcare solutions is our business. And do not take our word for it!

  • Flexible Resources and Know How 
    By working in projects and taking advantage of our flexibility, resources and knowhow can be assembled in the best possible way. And by using the inherent expertise of similar problems that our experienced staff has, shortcutting the development.
  • General Solutions 
    We develop only open solutions based on standards and general functionality. This allows us to quickly combine and make extensive use of our existing proven solutions gaining both in development time and in testing, documentation and validation.
  • Continuous Feedback & Early Validation
    We do continuous market feedback during the whole development process so that expensive and time consuming mistakes can be avoided. Early clinical testing is done by breaking up the development into independent parts and verifying them separately. This makes it possible to deliver clinical validation in a minimal amount of time.