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Clinical Databases

Clinical databases are widely used today within many clinical specialties and new databases are rapidly emerging. Clinical databases are a wide concept stretching over many different clinical tasks. From a single clinical database used for optimizing workflow or healthcare quality to an international multi center database used for treatment evaluation and research.

  • Although at first glance the task seems dispersed a closer analysis of the problems in relation to developing clinical databases reveals a wide range of common feature sets with common solutions:
  • Clients based on fail proof encrypted Internet technology allowing for thin clients with easy and location independent database access.
  • Tools for reporting, analysis and exporting of data.
  • Hospital Information Systems integration.
  • User action logging, safety compliance etc.
  • Well defined maintenance, documentation and longtime support of the clinical database.

This has led Judex to develop a set of tools and features that can easily be applied in a standardized way to existing clinical databases or when developing new databases ensuring high level of functionality at an affordable price.

Examples of clinical databases developed by Judex:

  • HyskoBase - a National quality database for Operative Hysteroscopy and Transcervical Surgery, developed by Judex in collaboration with The Danish board of Research and Development in Gynecology and Obstetrics.
  • MusicaHumana - is a clinical database aimed at investigating how sounds and music developed for patients in various therapeutic situations can decrease patient stress and anxiety and improve their recovery.