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Electronic Healthcare Records

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are terms that cover several different clinical and administrative solutions, spanning from smaller department specific systems, to larger solutions integrating several departments and/or hospital information systems.

We have a lot of experience both in HIS and EHR, integrating existing proprietary databases as well as data generated by medical instruments together into standardized storage streams and making them available in a central HIS or EHR. Judex is a vendor independent developer and as such all development is done with open standards like HL7 or DICOM.

Here are some examples of EHR systems developed by Judex:

  • MI-ro is a modular system used by anesthesia and surgical departments for a multitude of tasks such as a quality assurance tool for anesthesia, registration of time and resource expenditure, surgical scheduling and processing and semi-automatic electronic anesthetic charting.
  • DagKir is a ward system aimed at ambulatory surgery optimizing the whole patient process, from the beginning to the end, and assuring the quality of communication and information between the patient and the hospital staff.