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amPHI™ Prehospital Healthcare Record has been chosen by the 5 Danish regions to be installed in all Danish emergency ambulances and emergency admission units during 2014. amPHI is further developed and installed in close collaboration with CSC Scandihealth, Atea and Alexandra Institute.

All ambulances, paramedic vehicles, emergency response vehicles and emergency physician vehicles in the North Denmark Region have used amPHI™ Prehospital Healthcare Record since 2006. In the North Denmark Region amPHI is furthermore fully integrated with the electronic healthcare record, CSC Clinical Suite, and with the interactive boards in Cetrea Emergency and is thus part of a total solution for the emergency admission units. 

From roadside to bedside

amPHI is a prehospital healthcare record which encompasses the entire prehospital care pathway from the scene of the accident until the patient is received and admitted to the hospital. amPHI is essentially based on making it easy to collect all relevant patient data as soon as possible and communicate it further up the treatment chain, thus ensuring the patient optimum treatment.

The amPHI prehospital healthcare record sends information about the patient’s condition and initial treatment from the scene of the accident and the ambulance to the hospital’s admission unit and for example clinical desk staff at the emergency dispatch center. All information about the patient’s condition is recorded continuously during the prehospital stage, which helps ensure an optimum clinical pathway, faster diagnostics and more effective treatment.

All registrations in the ambulance are made on a touch screen computer which communicates with the system’s central servers via a mobile phone network. Measurements from the ambulance’s patient monitors are transferred automatically to amPHI.

amPHI is characterized by: 

  • Basic content similar to the paper-based ambulance record
  • Possibility to add other forms (trauma, triage etc.)
  • Real-time registration of treatments, medicine etc.
  • Medication list dependent on competencies
  • Capture of data from patient monitor.

 amPHI in the emergency admissions unit provides:

  • Overview of current transports
  • Online access to the prehospital healthcare record
  • Transfer of data to the interactive boards at the emergency unit and the hospital’s EHR system.

In addition, amPHI supports supervision, routine log for all rescue workers, paramedics, and emergency doctors, as well as the ability to extract data for EHCR audit in accordance with the Danish Quality Model

amPHI can be enhanced with a number of different modules, including support of the EMC function (Emergency Medical Coordination) in case of major accidents and disasters.

Access to prehospital data in the emergency admissions unit

amPHI provides the emergency admission unit with easy access to an overview of the prehospital activities in the area. If you want to display the prehospital activity together with the other activities of the emergency admission unit, amPHI data can be continuously transferred to the admission unit’s interactive emergency boards, for example Cetrea Emergency.

amPHI provides online access to all data recorded in the ambulance as well as information about the patient’s previous contact with the hospital etc. for the individual transport. If a diagnostic ECG-12 has been recorded in the ambulance, this will also be transferred to amPHI, and will be available in the emergency admissions unit along with the other measurements and observations. 

At the end of the prehospital activity the entire prehospital healthcare record can be transferred to hospital’s EHCR system, for example CSC Clinical Suite.